The King Croesus Contempt for Death trip 2009

Around The World on 70 year old motorcycles

Now more ambitious, crazy and risky than ever! SuperLenny Casino We going out there again, putting McGregor and Boorman to shame, those girlie-men who did such a rough trip driving from London to New York on new BMW GS bikes and with massive support. Luxury Casino UK Unlike McGregor and Boorman we ride our usual two 1937 Nimbuses with sidecars, and there’s minimal support along the way. We also ride twice their distance, don’t call it quits when reaching The Big Apple, but continue all the way around The World.

In 2006 we took the quick trip from Oslo to Singapore. This time we’ll ride from Norway through Siberia to Alaska, then down through North and South America. A boat will take us to South Africa from where we’ll ride up to Europe. Time of departure is April 2009.

The first leg alone will be longer than the trip to Singapore and the full distance will be about 70,000 kilometres (44,000 miles). Good thing the bikes are not even older than 70 years...

planned route for trip 2009 . variations may occur

This homepage is set up to make the trip as entertaining for the readers as humanly possible. We will update the weblog with text and pictures both during our preparations and the trip itself. A lot more time will be used for this than we used on the 2006 trip, so it will be an adventure not only for us, but for the readers as well.

So keep checking this site out as we progress in preparation of the trip and when we ride!


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